Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sleepless Night? Watch Writing Tip Videos!

I was having trouble getting back to sleep after crashing from 11 pm till about 1 30 am.  So I came online and started watching Writing Tip videos which I've added to my Ideagirlconsulting Playlist on You Tube.

I like making playlists about health, the brain, expanding the mind, 528 hz DNA repair is good to listen to if your not feeling well.
I have meditation videos, dance music, self help videos and more.

I can't believe I've already viewed over 8000 videos on there in the matter of a few months!

I post about 4 to 5 per day on each of my blogs, (keeps them interesting to read, listen to) and I guess that all adds up.

Some videos I'd like to post but the audio isn't very good, so I don't.

I've put all my book, manuscript tips under Category - Writing

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Moon - Death Cab for Cuties - Meet Me On The Equinox Youtube Video Mania!

I've been busy for the past 2 hours posting to my blog and found all sorts of different variations of the song with new pictures from several fans, including an interview with Death Cab for Cuties while they were on tour with Neil Young .

You know those pictures I couldn't upload for ya?
I found them on you tube!

I've posted the youtube music video with new moon's first movie soundtrack release - death cab for cuties - meet me on the equinox along with David Strick's 40 new moon set pictures taken earlier this week!

Not too shabby! :)
Click here to see the pictures of the band, twilight new moon cast, the volturi, the wolf pack, taylor lautner with his shirt off (MMMM muscles) and the song that's sure to hit #1 on the charts!

Getting Traffic For Your Blog - Michael Jackson - Omer Bhatti - Who Is Pia?

I went into Blog Catalog and did some searching for blogs, groups and directories to add my URL to.

I looked for sites like music, entertainment, Twilight and New Moon.

Then I posted my Vampire Picnic URL there, since it's gotten thousands of visitors in the past few months, I figure it would bring in some more once I promoted it.

It's weird that I have several posts that get thousands of hits each week, and others hardly any at all?

My biggest one was Omer Bhatti, he raked in 6000 hits in one day!

Over 50,000 in a week, it was crazy!

It was before his big news came out, I guessed who he was right from the beginning and posted it.

Still to this day, thousands of people want to check out the information I have on him, that no one else has.

I guess no one else has guessed what I have.

It's pure speculation but I give a good argument as to who the REAL MOTHER is for Michael Jackson's Prodigal Son - Omer Bhatti!

Read here for more details about PIA

Vampire Picnic - Blood Bath - New Moon - Wolfpack vs The Volturi vs The Cullens and More

I posted a few pictures on the volturi, the wolf pack, the cullen clan with the names of the characters with each actor or actress.

I find it a great tool while I'm writing about my favorite topic - twilight new moon.

I can refer back to the site when I'm not entirely clear on who is playing which part in the movie!

I also have interviews, pictures, music, movie news about twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn.

See Vampire Picnic for details!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Squidoo Twilight 240 visits!


My eyes just bugged out of their sockets.

I had 240 visits this week to Twilight Volturi, New Moon and Picture Galleries that I made on Squidoo.

And that's without even trying!

I don't get it.

Zac Efron's Funny Guy site, hardly gets any visits?

He's a hot actor but his site is just sitting there doing nothing.

The other ones are getting visits? LOL

maybe it's movie madness :)

I updated his site with some videos and stuff...

Tell me what you think and what should I add to make it more appealing? :)

Zac Efron Funny Guy

Make $5 on Squidoo - Easy Money

I can't believe i've made $5 on Squidoo because of a referral!
Now I still haven't set up any payment options.

Paypal kind of scares me.

Like I don't want anyone getting into my accounts from off the internet.

Yeah like I usually have 0 dollars in there anyways.

but the thought of it, makes me cringe!

I wish they could just mail me a check, wouldn't that be easier? :)

Writing - Character - Timelines - Birth - Death - Marriage

So I'm writing away and looking at my manuscript and shaking my head.
I feel so overwhelmed by it all!

I decide to watch a few videos about writing novels.
I feel better.
I take what I've learned and practice it.

I make character profiles, settings, novel notes in my One Note 2007 program.

Awesome tool, it saves as I write! :)

I start working on my timelines.

Pulling out my calculator, I figure out how old I want my characters to be when they have babies, or get married.

Then I document it in my character profiles.

I'm all proud of myself.

Then I'm actually READING what i've done.

This woman is born in 1867 and married in 1868.

One year old, and married.

Now that's what I call an arranged marriage. LOL

I fixed it, but I'm wondering how many other boo boos I managed to do.

then I take a look at the list of names.

I've repeated some of the names, births are different, description is different.

DAM... THIS isn't working?

I had the bright idea to put the FAMILIES, Houses together as the character profiles.


Now I'm starting over again.

I'll put them in alphabetical order of first name and then I'm going to make a master list of all character first, last names, ( two lists in alphabetical order) to make sure I don't give the same name to two people.

They also say we have to make sure we don't pick names that are similar.

I had ROLF and WOLF Stalin.

They are too much alike, so I changed the name ROLF.

I'll let you know if my new attempt at organizing a character profile, is working. :)

Character Profiles - A New Book

I decided to divide my manuscript into two books.
It was just getting bigger and bigger and I wasn't finished with the revising. :)

So now I have 227 pages of manuscript and 39,000 words, which I'm sure I'll add another 35, 000 to again!

How many times can I rewrite my manuscripts? :)

I was feeling out of sorts the other day, when a thought crossed my mind.

Thomas Edison tried 5000 times to develop a light bulb.

Have you rewritten your manuscript 5000 times?

Nope, maybe about 20 times in the past year.

So I'm not even close to being as persistent as he was. :)
The best thing about revising is making new characters!
I've created about 20 new people in 2 days.
Not too bad, eh? :)

Today.Com Has Disappeared!

I usually post some blogs on my Witty Woman Today site, but for the past week I have been unable to?
Either the sites down from head office or someone went after them for what they have done in the past.
I wonder if it was a hacker getting revenge, maybe the server decided to close it down?
Did they get sued for monies not paid?
If anybody knows or can post a URL with the info, please do so here! :)