Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lev Termen and the Galaxy Being (music by ALIEN SKIN)

80s rock, pop, trance, club mix , dance, house songs being posted now.

Brighter Than Stars - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

i love star gazing don't you? I always look for the big dipper every single night ;)

Rock Salvation - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

sharing the songs in different places.. drum and metal, electric guitar tunes.

There'll Never Be Another Me - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

guitar and drums in this solos

I Miss You More - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

pretty song reminds me of heaven, angels, good for mystical, fantasy writing...

Throw Down Your Sword - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

another set of good tunes , love the art work in the video!

India - Sonic Koco - Ambient Rock Music

this music is so relaxing to listen too. i like instrumental music for editing manuscripts and screenplays. this week i've been editing koli's fire and grammy's magic cottage. both children's young adult stories.

Last Flight To Heaven (Last Space Shuttle Flight) - Sonic Koco

another good song to listen too while you create a paragraph .. should be able to type several sentences with this one...

Your Heart Is Bleeding - Sonic Koco

nice guitar strumming rock songs perfect for tonights writers typing tunes playlist..