Thursday, July 9, 2009

Follow The Idea Girl On Twitter!

#theideagirl #writing #ideagirlconsulting (making hashtags for my tweets) is looking for followers on twitter theideagirl, once I'm allowed to reach a certain limit, I like to follow anyone that follows me.

I tweet alot about my entertainment and humor blogs. I'm also in the process of writing several novels for adults and children.

I had started a few on the business side as well but have been too busy working on The Mansion on the Hill - The Munroe Series.

I'm not sure where to start promoting my blogs about my book, if you can direct me to the proper avenues I would appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Witty Woman Today - Funny Stuff

I found some funny pictures, videos, comedy skits and bloopers from Harry Potter.

Follow the cast and crew as they film bloopers, interviews and funny skits about our favorite, loveable character created by J.K. Rowling.

You can view them at Witty Woman Today (Category - Harry Potter).

The Munroe Series

I've been busy working on The Munroe Mansion manuscript, typing and editing the new beginning to the book - The Mansion on the Hill from The Munroe Series.

It's one-hundred times better than the original script that was posted. The characters are better developed and the story line is more intense.

It was fun writing about the grandparents and developing a whole new story. This book originally started in the year 2018 (the grandchildren) but then I stepped back to the late 1800's for fun.

This explains why The Mansion on the Hill has tragedies, and why it's haunted by ghosts.

Michael Jackson - Memorial This Is It

Michael Jackson's tributes, RIP, Memorial, Music Videos and TV Interviews and appearances can be viewed at: Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

Michael Jackson - Funny Videos

Michael Jackson was such a funny guy.

I found some rare footage, pictures and music videos of Michael Jackson and I've posted them on my Witty Woman Today (Category - Witty Woman Laughs) and Idea Girl Consulting Word Press (Category - Music, Writing)