Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eminem Style Instrumental With Hook (Dr.Dre Detox BEAT)

here's a nice mix of club mix, tunes perfect for typing too .. nanowrimo writers.. i'm up to 11,000 words now.. got too tired so i'm blogging and making videos for youtube channel the idea girl says

Final Show - 021a - Pauline Alexander, Figgy Duff, Rising Appalachia

2 minstral is ending his youtube channel and will be making a new youtube channel instead.

"It Will Rain" - Bruno Mars Cover (Matthew Jordan)

indie rock music 4 mins

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samuel Cristea-IDA Hollywood

they really put the kids through paces with choreography and singing now i know why he does so well.

NaNoWriMo. San Francisco Nov 20 2011 Night of writing dangerously

this is a great thing to invest in and help a fellow writer. I didn't know much about this event until the girls told me about it tonight at the nano kick off party at boston pizza in st catharines ontario canada.

nanowrimo is national novel writing month a challenge to compose a manuscript, type it and enter it with 50,000 words and win a certificate and other nice prizes.
the tickets for the sanfrancisco event are $250.00 and this gentleman needs some help with his fees.

i found him on my google search, i don't know him and he has no idea that i'm posting this.. he has 6 views ;)