Friday, January 15, 2010

Idea Girl Consulting Youtube Channel is Rocking!

I never thought my Idea Girl Consulting Youtube Channel would see over 5000 hits in less than a month, but it has.

A bit of creativity can go a long way.

It's a neat and easy way to promote traffic to your blogs.

All I  did was find pictures that show what I blog about.

Add some great music.

Voila!  I have a commerical with my website addresses on it.

Then I had another brainstorm.

Instead of boring links on each site, why not post a cool picture and put the link there?

I wish Squidoo would have the add a link option in it's modules.

It would be a big improvement.

For now people have to copy and paste.

Some of my sites have gone from 1 visit per month to 200 per day!

SWEET!  Squidoo is hopping because of my youtube videos.

You can do the same, be creative, be funny, draw traffic to your blogs.

Idea Girl Consulting Squidoo - Linda Randall

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Writing - Focus - Vocal Tense

Learning how to write isn't always easy.

Staying focused isn't easy either.

Both are important when you are writing a fictional novel.

You want to keep everything the same tense in that paragraph.

It's hard when you are talking about something in the past, but you have to keep it in the present.

I guess that's the way its done.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Robin Jay's Feedback on The Calamity Girl - The Promotion

I received some good news yesterday.

I sent an email with a link to the first 26 pages of my manuscript and wanted an honest opinion from and Editor's view point.

Robin Jay and I have been emailing each other with some ideas this week and she was kind enough to take a look at page 1 of my manuscript.

She gave me some pointers on the way I introduce story lines to the readers.

I was jumping from one scene to another without really explaining how we got there.

I knew it was rocky but I didn't know how to fix it.

She gave me the best advice in the world.

Shorten your sentences.

Focus on one thought at a time, explain to the reader why you are there and what you are doing.

Don't leave them hanging mid sentence.

AND try not to go from past, present , future tense all in one paragraph.

She said I am a professional writer. (big relief!)

And that I'm going to do very well, if I have some confidence in myself.

So there you have it.

I can now work on my manuscripts knowing that I am doing things right and all I need is to polish my thought process.

Now that will be difficult because I'm always jumping from one thing to another.

I guess it's okay in a blog and understandable in a text message.

But when you are writing a fictional tale for someone to read; everything has to be explained from start to finish.

Just thought I'd share that with all of you!

Robin Jay is an awesome author and business leader.  If anyone would like to pre-order her next book, please contact me.

I'm looking for sponsors.

I need $3500 dollars or 500 books pre-ordered so that I can be a co-author in her next book.

If you can help in any way please contact me or Robin and mention my name.

Sincerely with thanks!

Linda Randall

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Creative Work Celebrated

This weekend I'm posting creative works, art, movies, and music videos for saturday.  On sunday I'll be posting Fashion and Sports news.

During the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I blog about writing, books and authors.

I like to change things around and work on new projects all the time.

Talk to you soon!

Linda :)