Thursday, December 8, 2011

MELANIE AMARO - "I Have Nothing" - X FACTOR USA 2011 (Top 17 Performance)

Melanie Amaro X Factor USA 2011 is a beautiful gal with the voice of an angel.. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston fans and Leona Lewis fans will love her vocals.. in fact everyone will. ;)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

DEVO - Human Rocket

retros 80s music tonight i'm blogging about rachel crow on my new 2011 tv show stars lens on squidoo going to create a celebrity watch for the younger stars that came out this year on tv, film and music reality tv shows...

LOUISE CARVER - It Don't Matter (don't worry about it) south african 90'...

80s retro pop rock music.. for blogging..

this week i did some ghost stories from the BBC tv show.. I like looking for material from the UK, Europe and Asia

it's different and I like to have something interesting to blog on my wordpress blogs.

my traffic's back up again so that's good news..

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Matt Pop Magic Mix) 2012 PROMOTIONAL DJ MIX

pop rock dance tunes for blogging and writing my characters i just shot some video for my video blogging series on the idea girl says youtube.. using one note work book how to add pages sub pages sections and folders to create character profiles for my children's series of novels with Lilywind, Daisy and Grammy's Magic Cottage and Grammy's Magic Space Ship stories.

ARAPAHO 'Wild Warrior' (1995) south african 90's indie pop rock durban i...

i'm working on my squidoo lenses my character profiles in one note and blogging in between to make life interesting today ;)