Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coffee Culture - 196 St Paul St - St Catharines, ON - Photos and Video by Linda Randall

Photographer - Linda Randall

Photos by Linda Randall copyrighted cannot be used without permission.

The video that I created is now online and my write ups and reviews for this cafe will be posted later today.

I love going here to work on a new novel, to sit and think and to enjoy the fireplace, the news (big screen tv) and the ambiance.

This is only a 10 minute walk from the St Catharines Enterprise Centre, Red Hot Chili Pepper where nGen and it's partners have their media mashups about four times a year.

The Enterprise Centre has seminars running every week on different topics pertaining to business, marketing, laws, proposals and more.  A resource centre for those starting a company or already in business and needing some advice about things.

A community project that works with Brock University and Niagara College to help create businesses and jobs in the Niagara Region.

Link to the video:

The St Catharines Enterprise Centre, Ngen and Niagara College Offices are located here at 1 St Paul Street, by Ontario St, Westchester Ave and St Paul West in St Catharines, ON, Canada

The Chili Pepper is right next door where the 211 Interactive held it's latest media mashup for local video , graphic artists.  The next mashup will be in March 2011 so stay tuned for details.
There are seminars running here all the time, so in between them you can pop over to Coffee Culture for a quick bite to eat , drink or even some dessert!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Photos of St Paul Street St Catharines Ontario Canada by Linda Randall

Coffee Culture
196 St Paul Street
St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
905 397 5124
photos by Linda Randall 
Idea Girl Consulting
IGC Entertainment Canada

I'm starting a new client referral program where I take photos of a business and blog about them to bring more business to the area.

Downtown St Catharines has always struggled over the past ten years or so to get people to come and shop there.

I'm working on a sales and marketing technique to change that.

I've chosen a few businesses as an example of how powerful the internet can be in the advertising world.

Brochures are great for the locals but what you really want is people from all over the world, who come to the Niagara Region as tourists, to check out your establishment and spend their hard earned money.

When I do a review I'll be posting it on YELP and RESTAURANTICA with photos to give these businesses exposure on the net that they didn't have before.

Many people are "old school" they do not have time to use a computer, therefore the "internet" is a foreign thought to them.

I intend to change all that in my own little way.

Linda Randall
Idea Girl Consulting
IGC Entertainment Canada

If your a business and you would like to be featured in my tours contact me on my youtube channel where I post the different kinds of videos.

I do Restaurants, Tourist Info, City Tours, Events, Historical Sites, People, Places and Things to do, Ghosts, Haunted Houses in Ontario, Celebrity Videos, Music from local artists created in some of the videos will help them get noticed.

For IGC Entertainment Canada - I focus on three things Media, Movies and Music.
This is for authors, writers, bloggers, Directors, Producers, and Talented Artists.  You can contact me about my fees.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emma Watson New photos, videos and fan youtube music

I have a zillion new photos of Emma Watson in my files.
I will take some time this weekend and post the new photos and create a video with some of them.
Not sure what song to pick.
I've been getting some cds from the library
and saving them to my computer to use for the videos.
I wish there was some way to link the music directly to itunes?

If you  have any suggestions about that, contact me on youtube.
Also if you have any Emma Watson - Harry Potter fan videos send me the urls and I can post them on my blogs.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010