Saturday, April 9, 2011

Electro House Mix New [2010] DJ Clown [A Cool Mix]

cool tunes it's 509 am and im really really tired now... energy is slowing down to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

DJ E-Clown Electro House 2010 (Sweet MIX!!)

saw saw saw coming to git ya hahahahah

Electronica mix 2011 [DJ Push]

space writing music lol

Micheal Jackson - Thriller (Disco House Remix)

different style for mj

Disco House Music: Jamiroquai - Main Vein [Knee Deep Club Mix]

want some disco?

Chicago House and Hip-House 80's

different hip hop from 80s till now.

Ando - Squeeze Me (Beatapella) 1986

funk 1986 way lol

Andre Owens - Destiny Of Love - 1988

different tunes

A.L.S. - Make Your Body Move (Club Mix) 1987

pop rock dance typing tunes

Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (Rhythm Version) 1986


Lady Gaga - The Tacoma Dome - Picture Collection - August 21, 2010

photography and dance mix.. sweet!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 100 Greatest Rock Songs Ever!

old rock n roll tunes

Top 20 Best Rock N' Roll Songs Ever

many times i'll listen to these videos so i can find the names of bands that i like.

80's Music Compilation Part 2 Some Of The Best 80's Songs

more 80s typing tunes

Best songs from the 80's

80s music.

Rush 'Limelight' - Drum Practice

time for some rock n roll

Rush - Natural Science Ray Harber Neil Peart Drums

some work some dont lol

Neil Peart-Tom Sawyer

love the drums.

Spirit of Radio Drum Cover - Neil Peart Drumming

another great tune


sweet this guys great on drums

k-pop 액션스타(hushcreek)

cool i like this new band i found on youtube..

k-pop rock band hushcreek Stay in my herat.wmv

more tunes from new album

k-pop rock band (hushcreek) someday

pop rock typing tunes

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Britney Spears - The Hook Up

i'm busy typing my script and listening to some pop rock tunes while i type

CoNcEpTs - Hittin' Bass script frenzy pop rock typing tunes

pop rock script frenzy writing tunes