Saturday, August 1, 2009

WWE Jeff Hardy Finally Wins The World Title!

It's about time!

I've been waiting all year for him to get it.

They really built up the stories, disappointments, frustration and then he finally wins!

Question is how long will he get to keep it?

Do you think Cm Punk will steal it?

Adam Lambert Fans Love Him!

I posted a cool video on Witty Woman from Adam Lambert Fans from around the world!
Great music to listen to for 10 minutes and interesting pictures of Adam Lambert and his fans during the whole You tube video!

It was great seeing how each one of them had something creative to show, a poster, a sign, a tshirt, it was just really cool to see all the options open to a person to express how they feel about someone who has touched their life, as this fan has!

American Idol Brooke White

I love Brookes new look!
Lighter blonde, so pretty, it really suits her!

I was posting some videos about Adam Lambert and I spotted Brooke White from American Idol's Season 7!

She was singing Radio, Radio on her guitar, so I posted it then I found a video about all the contestants getting the Flu on Season 7!

What if on Season 9, they get the SWINE FLU?

Now that would be nasty!

Like I said, bring along a bottle of pure vinegar in a spray bottle.

Spray on the hands, rub under the nose, face, neck, chest and arms.

When someone sneezes, get away as fast as you can.

Those germs can travel and hang mid air!

Did you know that flu virus germs can live up to 3 weeks after you're over the flu on your door handles, counters and clothing?

I always wash EVERYTHING with a cup of vinegar!

It helps retain the color, freshness and kills bacteria and mold smells. :)

The Volturi from Twilight New Moon

I found some videos on The Volturi, where it has the whole casts pictures, names and characters on it with some great music!

Usually I'll find one or two things, not all three!

So I'm happy to post it on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press!

I wrote down the names, trying to learn them as I go along.

I find that I've been blogging mostly about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Xavier Samuel.

Now I have more fish to fry on my site!

I've also created a bunch of Squidoo sites for Twilight New Moon , cast and characters with pictures, videos and interviews.

I'll have them posted later this week! :)

Keeping Your Wires Crossed!

I just finished watching a funny video where the news reporter, Danny Gokey and the News Station have no idea where the report is coming from.
All 3 of them give different cities, then the reporter comes back on and reports the correct city! LOL

Now that's what I call getting your wires crossed! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making Babies With Adam Lambert – Twilight New Moon Cast

Making Babies With Adam Lambert – Twilight New Moon Cast

Today I decided I was going to make some babies with Adam Lambert.

I found a cool site that allows you to mesh your pictures to see what a girl or boy would look like.

It was fun and I posted my results on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

Then I surfed around in You tube videos and found all sorts of stuff about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the new guy Xavier Samuel.

I posted all sorts of music, pictures and cool interviews with the casts of Twilight New Moon and Twilight Eclipse.

The next thing I did was create two new websites on Squidoo:

Robert Pattinson Funny Guy
Xavier Samuel Funny Guy

Found some new pictures, you tube videos, music, interviews and cool facts about the actors while surfing the Internet.

So that has been my day so far, I posted a few URLS to my Blog Catalog Shoutbox and for some reason that seems to bring me lots of traffic!

I used to post stuff on and but would get up to 10 to 20 people.
I post a specific URL in my Idea Girl Consulting Blog Catalog Shoutbox about Adam Lambert or Twilight New Moon Eclipse and I get from 200 to 600 visits?

I’ve also registered my URL with Yahoo this week, added it to my Blogs on Blog Catalog and sent a reply all to an email that was sent to me. It had about 20 email addresses on it, so I figured why not? Free advertising of my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site!

With these things combined, plus posting a minimum of 5 new posts for each site and linking them together in various fashions, I was able to reach my goal of over 2500 hits in one day!

My goal this month was 300, so I did something right!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twitter Viral Followers

So weird, I checked my Twitter account today and I'm missing over 300 followers?

I think that follower program must have been viral and they removed some bogus followers when I told them to take me off their program.

They sent spam through my tweets like every 5 mintues about their awesome twitter follow program.

I was completely unaware of it for a week, I only check twitter once a week, but my posts and blogs are automatically tweeted.

I wonder if this will stop everything.

I changed the password today, because someone told me to do so to stop the spam.

I realize I do loads of blogs in chunks and this may be annoying to some.

So I think I'll cut that all back and just post some stuff and hope that the readers I have will stay.

I usually post all my material on Idea Girl Consulting or The Idea Girl Says.

I've also started several other blogs as well, the links are on my sites.

Michael Jackson's One Night Affair

It's strange how the whole world is a buzz about Omer Bhatti being Michael Jackson's fourth son, then they say he's now saying there's no DNA testing and he's not Michael Jackson's son?

Here are the facts that I found.

Omer Bhatti was conceived sometime in 1984.
They say his mother's name is Pia, who was supposedly a nanny for Michael Jackson.

But other sources say that only Omer lived with Michael for 8 years, and no sign of the mother.

Michael Jackson was working on a film and music with Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora around 1984.

Zia was married but then divorced and got married again several years later.

There's no record of her husbands name or details about the divorce.

Zia was filming one of her movies around 1984/1985 in West Germany with Der Formel Eins Film 1985. A company that did the filming for Voyage Rock Aliens.
I cannot confirm this information because there are conflicting reports.

When I saw the picture of Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson, I immediately thought of Omer Bhatti and the resemblence between the two.

Maybe Pia is his real biological mother and because of her career and marriage, it was kept a secret one night stand that ended up in a pregnancy?

That's my feeling, gut feeling about the whole thing.