Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Character Profiles - A New Book

I decided to divide my manuscript into two books.
It was just getting bigger and bigger and I wasn't finished with the revising. :)

So now I have 227 pages of manuscript and 39,000 words, which I'm sure I'll add another 35, 000 to again!

How many times can I rewrite my manuscripts? :)

I was feeling out of sorts the other day, when a thought crossed my mind.

Thomas Edison tried 5000 times to develop a light bulb.

Have you rewritten your manuscript 5000 times?

Nope, maybe about 20 times in the past year.

So I'm not even close to being as persistent as he was. :)
The best thing about revising is making new characters!
I've created about 20 new people in 2 days.
Not too bad, eh? :)

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