Friday, November 13, 2009

Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

Just a note to let everyone know that I changed my blog title from Idea Girl Consulting - The Idea Girl Says to Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

I also added Word Press to The Idea Girl Says.

Now both titles will match their URLS.

Simple, the same as my URL and it's how I've referred to it in numerous comments, posts and tags.

Google will pick up my site faster now, with all three things being the same.

At least that's what Search Engine Optimization writer's say.

I changed the name of my blog before, it was called Idea Girl Consulting's Blog.

After changing the name and the picture, I lost a couple thousand readers. :)
I don't know what happened but it's slowly been going down from 1,000's per day to around 400 hits.

It could be that some of my articles (Twilight, New Moon , Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson) were hogging all the hits.

I noticed that not every one of my articles get any readers.

Today I was looking at an article about Blogs that get published.

Mine is all over the place, and that's why they say it's important to find your niche and stick to it.

Problem is that I'm a Gemini and I love changing stuff constantly.

I should use that to my advantage.

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The Calamity Girl Visits Tucson Arizona

My fictional character Rachel Tornquist goes to Tucson Arizona and stays at the Niner Way Ranch.
So I decided to create a website about the ranch.
It's 12,000 sq feet and just gorgeous!
It's located in Oro Valley, in Tucson Arizona at the La Cholla Airpark.
Imagine having a 4500 ft runway attached to your property, so you can just fly out at any time.
It's a millionaire's paradise and Rachel and Michael are visiting there for a week.
They also go into the local towns and visit some of the places there.
The Cactus Moon Cafe, is a fun place to go and Rachel wants to learn how to line dance.
You can also do some shopping - Tour guide books for Tucson, Arizona, saddlebags and cowboy boots, just in time for Christmas!

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Meeting Goals - Writing - The Calamity Girl - Rachel Tornquist - Michael Ferraras

I'm happy to announce I've managed to type of 28,677 words for the new chic lit - The Calamity Girl manuscript.

I found out today my nanamo is actually now called nanowrimo.
All these different abbreviations.

I had fun doing research about New York City, Tucson Arizona and Los Angeles California this week.

My character Rachel Tornquist is travelling with Movie Producer Michael Ferraras, and things are heating up between the two.
Michael wants to make a committment, Rachel likes her freedom.

Will she lose Michael when she brushes off his offer to be  a committed couple?

Rachel is so used to dating anybody she wants, and she enjoys being single.

No hang ups.

She will have to decide whether she cares enough about Michael to build a love nest with him, or she'll be like a lovely bird and fly away.\

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kris Allen's New Album is out!

I just found out today that Kris Allen's album came out earlier this week.  I found some of his songs on youtube and posted them on Idea Girl Consulting Blog for all of you to enjoy.

I'll be working on my manuscript for the next few days, so my blogs are going to be short and sweet! :)