Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rob Rider - Fall On Me.wmv

country rock tunes for ya ...

Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed

cool tunes to relax too..

The Game - Let's Ride

heres some more for ya.. sweet i love this post it thingy new toy!!!

The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne

what a hottie eh? ;)

Lil Wayne - Drop The World ft. Eminem

adding to your typing tunes playlists..

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hellhound on my trail - Robert Johnson - National ResoPhonic Triolian - ...

country rock tunes for typing too.

March Fourth Marching Band Center Camp Burning Man 09

coming to toronto march 9 to 13, 2011 ontario canada for the canadian music week festival see you there ;)

Fame - Irene Cara

a band called fame is coming to CMW 2011 probably not this movie :)

Assassinate the Following - I Once Was

starting the metal list for CMW performers 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Without Will @ Barfly

i'm getting hungry it supper time been bloggin since 2.. 3 hours now.. getting ansy.. legs getting numb lol

coming to CMW 2011 toronto.. punk rockin bands.

Trigger Effect - Scientific Method (Live)

raspy singing band coming to CMW 2011 ;)))punk rockin ya..

ZOOBOMBS - Tighten Rap

a bit of a mix of cool sounds.. rockin.. the CMW 2011 list.. getting to the end of this category.. next is METAL.. you know where THATS going lol

My Darkest Days - Without You

alternative pop rock music here from CMW 2011 playlist.

Justin Nozuka - I'm in peace

more of a indie rock feel to this tune, cmw 2011 artists coming to toronto march 9 to 13, 2011

Shortpants Romance au Divan Orange

playing at CMW 2011 in toronto in march

Over The Top - Take it Higher

over the top is the name of the band for CMW 2011 cannot find them. I love this movie by Stallone it was awesome.. check it out!

Orphan Choir: New Rituals

windsor ontario band coming to perform in toronto for cmw march 9 to 13, 2011.

Mockingbird Wish Me Luck - Hollow Graves

heres's a soft rock alternative song listed in punk rock hmmmmon CMW 2011..

Zeus - "Marching Through Your Head" Arts & Crafts

love the animation video with this CMW 2011 artists music video awesome to see.

Wide Mouth Mason - Midnight Rain

rock pop alternative category for CMW 2011 artists

Gentleman Reg - "Wild Heart" (feat. Dana Snell and Kelly McMichael) Arts...

time to rock n roll and see the next CMW 2011 artist in motion.

deer tick -- ashamed

country rock tunes for ya from CMW 2011 artists list.

Get Your Own - Dean Lickyer

heres some rock punk metal writers typing tunes from artists coming to toronto march 9 to 13, 2011.. for canadian music week festival.. rock on !!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Burnz N Hell Live At The Indies - coming to phoenix toronto march 12, 2011

JAY ELECTRONICA w/Burnz N Hell Saturday March 12, 2011
Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne Street
Doors 8pm - Show 9pm - All Ages
$25.00 advance

Tickets available at Ticketmaster,, Rotate This, Soundscapes, Play De Record

source: email from cmw 2011

Skirt Chasers - Snake Bite

a band called the skirt chasers is playing at CMW 2011 not sure if this is the right one.

The Pining- Tattered Plaid Jacket cmw 2011 artists

cmw 2011 artist

DINNER BELLES (A Take Away Show) - Til The Dawn

cmw 2011 artist cute baby lol

6 bmc awards dawson.reigns canada

canadian music week 2011 artist..

Dan Sultan - Old Fitzroy CMW 2011 aritst

canadian music week.

Gretsch Showcase 2010: Paul Pigat and Cousin Harley

CMW 2011 artist toronto march 9 to 13, 2011

Chad Brownlee - Hood of my Car CMW 2011 artist

canadian music week 2011 performer

olenka and the autumn lovers flash in the pan

Cmw 2011 artist

Kim Wempe - "Out of My Closet" (Acoustic) CMW 2011 toronto canada

cmw 2011 artist.

Transit - Jasper Sloan Yip CMW 2011 toronto canada pop rock indie music

great for typing tunes! CMW 2011 artist

James Vincent McMorrow - If I had a Boat CMW 2011 artist

nice relaxing tunes for CMW artist 2011 toronto ;)

Valleys canadian music week 2011 artist

lovely relaxing tunes for meditation.. i need a break.. coffee.. i need coffee and a cookie and and not really but hey i need a i mean..

Tupper Ware Remix Party- The Droid You're Looking For electronic rock CMW 2011 artists

artists 2011 for canadian music week, electronic rock stars.. posting..

Onra - I Wanna Go Back - cmw 2011

onra is on list for CMW 2011 march - toronto

Jam City - Arpjam (Night Slugs)

night slugs is on the CMW 2011 list of performers, not sure if this is the right band.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anne Hathaway on new animated movie Rio coming 15 april 2011 oscars host 2011

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Anne Hathaway chats about her first role as a bird in new animation, Rio. Follow us on twitter at