Saturday, December 26, 2009

Branded by God - Tim Tenbrinke - Jeff Tenbrinke - Steve Kroes - Linda Randall - Idea Girl Consulting

My sons Tim and Jeff Tenbrinke informed me today that they are recording an album for Branded by God but it will be a goodbye album for the group.

Steve Kroes has started a new band, Jeff Tenbrinke is starting a new band and Tim Tenbrinke is in the army now.

So because of their living in different states and provinces, Branded by God is no more...

you can view their latest video on Idea Girl Consulting Youtube

Where their mother (thats me!) has made a fan video for their song , "Wake Up."

Linda Randall - Idea Girl Consulting - Youtube Channel

To view my channel  - Idea Girl Consulting Youtube - Linda Randall - The Idea Girl Says

I like making movies about Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, the Quillete Tribe and the Volturi from the books, movies by Stephanie Meyers in Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

I am a Harry Potter fan, so I post videos about Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Robert Pattinson and other cast members.

I watch American Idol and I'm a fan of Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, David Cook, David Archuletta , Jordan Sparks and Chris Daughtry.  I often post information, interviews and new music by these artists.

America's Next Top Model - Tyra Banks, is one of my favorite TV Shows and I have them in my blogs.  I will be making new videos in 2010 about everything that I like to blog about and putting it on my youtube channel for future reference.

Christmas Eve Record Hits 11,014 Idea Girl Consulting Word Press!

I would like to thank all of my fans, twitter followers and blog catalog followers for your help in reaching my Christmas Goal of 10,000 hits in a day on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press Entertainment Site!

I was excited to reach 10,000 but then I checked just before 12 midnight and it was 11, 014 hits in one day!

That is a HUGE record for me.

I appreciate all the views and I'm thankful that you are enjoying the music, movies, new artists, new cd releases, Harry Potter and Twilight Celebrity News and Interviews, Fan Made Youtube video site.

It's been fun making it this year and I've gotten - according to sitemeter - 338,432 page views!

The funniest thing today was that The Idea Girl Says was exactly 100,000 hits behind Idea Girl Consulting when I checked the totals around 11 pm (Dec 25, 2009).

Amazing since I started the one blog 2 months before the other one, and it had a daily visit of about 50 people.

I can't believe the dailies it's getting now, but thanks to all of your support I'll be reaching my goal of 1 million hits within a year, if it keeps going the way it is. :)

Linking in Social Networks was one key.

Second adding my urls to Free Submit URL sites.

Third creating videos on Youtube with my Blog URLS on it.

Fourth , reading The New Writers Handbook 2007 and developing insight into being an author, writer and blogger and making it a success!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sexy Merry Christmas Lingerie For Your Man

Okay girls make sure you put some sexy lingerie on for your man for Christmas Day and wrap yourself up with a big bow. :)

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

Taking the day off to have some Christmas fun with my family.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Day In The Life Of Daniel Radcliffe - Tim Hailand, Daniel Radcliffe - Idea Girl Consulting

This looks like a great book to buy for your Harry Potter Fan Collection.

I was surprised to find out that Daniel Radcliffe is taking acting lessons.

I've posted the interview with Tim Hailand on The Idea Girl Says.

Linda Randall - Bio - Image - The Idea Girl Says - Idea Girl Consulting - Writer- Blogger - Squidoo- Word Press - Witty Woman

Linda Randall - Bio - Image - The Idea Girl Says - Idea Girl Consulting - Writer- Blogger - Squidoo- Word Press - Witty Woman
After reading the book I made a bio page with my picture and the story of how I was inspired to start writing novels in 2008/2009.
I keep a list of my achievements on my Idea Girl Consulting Squidoo lens
Bio - Linda Randall - Photo
I created my bio page on my new Chick Lit Novel site for The Calamity Girl Wordpress.

Derek Cate - Timbaland - Apologize - The New Writers Handbook 2007 Part Five

Derek Cate - Timbaland - Apologize - The New Writers Handbook 2007 Part Five

I've uploaded all six videos onto Idea Girl Consulting You tube channel for your enjoyment.

Making a tribute to 60 authors was fun.

I've added as many as possible onto my Twitter and Facebook.

It's cool to read their blogs,you can learn so much from a published author, Literary Agent and 
Editors that work for different publishing companies.

I've featured Derek Cate's Cover of Timbaland - Apologize Acoustic on this video.

He's got a wicked voice and sound!

you can twitter the idea girl with your ideas for video features

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Library - Research Tools for Writers - The New Writers Handbook 2007 - Philip Martin , Erica Jong - Linda Randall

It's been a busy week for me.

I've been paying tribute to the 60 authors found in the greatest book I've read so far for writers!

It's an amazing tool with blogging, manuscript, queries, literary agent and publishing how to guides!

I've learned so much from the book.

This week I visited each Author's site while looking for their Bio Pictures!

I found a treasure trove of information on the web.

I'm going to expand my project.  I blog about the book on The Idea Girl Says every day.

Learn how to be a great writer. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Creating a Bio - Linda Randal - Authors Introduction to the World

Creating a bio was really hard for me.

I didn't know what to write, so in point form I went over my various achievements in my journey to become a published author.

I share my goals, dreams, visions and details about the manuscripts that I have written so far.

You can view Linda Randall - Bio on The Calamity Girl Word Press Site.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party Games for Christmas - Electronic Monopoly

I've played Monopoly for years, but last night this was the MOST fun I had in a long time.

Six of us played and I won with 25 million dollars on my VISA, and several properties.

You want to get the two Utilities, they pay 100x whats on the two dice.

My biggest rental income was 1 Million 200,000 from Harold! LOL

But then Carol got the Community Chest Card that said to pay each player 500,000, which works out to 2 Million 500,000 , that was the biggest payout during our game.

Too bad the money isn't real eh? :)))

I have more Christmas Ideas on my lenses on Squidoo.

Idea Girl Christmas 

Idea Girl Christmas Gifts