Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Traffic For Your Blog - Michael Jackson - Omer Bhatti - Who Is Pia?

I went into Blog Catalog and did some searching for blogs, groups and directories to add my URL to.

I looked for sites like music, entertainment, Twilight and New Moon.

Then I posted my Vampire Picnic URL there, since it's gotten thousands of visitors in the past few months, I figure it would bring in some more once I promoted it.

It's weird that I have several posts that get thousands of hits each week, and others hardly any at all?

My biggest one was Omer Bhatti, he raked in 6000 hits in one day!

Over 50,000 in a week, it was crazy!

It was before his big news came out, I guessed who he was right from the beginning and posted it.

Still to this day, thousands of people want to check out the information I have on him, that no one else has.

I guess no one else has guessed what I have.

It's pure speculation but I give a good argument as to who the REAL MOTHER is for Michael Jackson's Prodigal Son - Omer Bhatti!

Read here for more details about PIA

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  1. Omar Bhatti really looked like Michael in a glance. He was there in MJ's burial.
    How to draw Michael Jackson