Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adam Lambert New Single Want

Adam Lambert's new single Want has been released and can be purchased on itunes.

There will be a mini album released this summer called On With The Show.

Green Day - Hot or Not?

Today The Guys Perspective is doing Green Day Hot or Not?

Visit the site, watch Green Days 4 videos:

Last of the American Girls
The Static Age
Know Your Enemy
21 Guns

Leave a comment, vote, which song is your favorite!

I have also posted Green Day Live Concerts:

American Idiot
21st Century Breakdown
Green Day Video Interview
Green Day Pics - 21st Century Breakdown

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Game, Usher, Chris Brown, P Diddy Michael Jackson Tribute Better On The Other Side

You can view this music video on

The Game, Usher, Chris Brown, P Diddy Michael Jackson Tribute Better On The Other Side

Michael Jackson Tribute Dangerous by tancerz

Michael Jackson and Navi, suggesting that Michaels new music go on tour with Navi doing the concerts, to help raise money to pay off his legal expenses and do some fund raising too!

Listen to Michael Jackson's new song 2009 A Place With No Name!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Victoria Stafford Clue - Aerial View of Where Human Remains Found July 19th, 2009

I found something that freaked me out, an aerial view of where the human remains were found I have posted the link on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site.

After seeing this video of pictures from a helicopter's view I definitely know it's Victoria Stafford.

The childs remains were found July 19 2009 mid aftertoon in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada.

I'm still not sure that The news is giving the correct location.

They are saying the body was located 20 minutes from Woodstock, yet according to Google Map Directions it takes 1 hour 46 minutes to drive from Woodstock Ontario to Mount Forest Ontario?

My Clues came true - The circle of ever green/pine trees, the cirle of dirt, the white disposable outfits on the investigators, the dirt road, the forest, all in my psychic dreams which I've documented in my dream journal on Squidoo Victoria-Stafford

Britney Spears World Tour Helsinki Finland July 16 2009

Britney Spears world tour Circus in Helsinki Finland on July 16,2009.

I've found some live concert videos, and posted them on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

I've also found some funny videos of Jamie Lynn Spears and Britney Spears and posted them on Witty Woman Today.

I usually put most of both these girls posts under Music so you can find them.
I also have a search feature on my site and that should bring up the several videos that I've posted.

The Guys Perspective - Relationship Humor

I have teamed up with another BC Blogger to help promote their funny blog. site.

What is the Guys Perspective?
"Our BLOG is about all things males. We talk about, culture, pop culture, toys for men, sports, relationships and even a little bit of politics."

Funny Technorati Tag 532bjmniq4

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kris Allen Funny Guy Squidoo

The Idea Girl Says - Kris Allen Funny Guy is now on Squidoo!

I've had a hard time finding funny stuff with just Kris Allen, it seems that most things are with Adam Lambert.

Kris Allen has a dry sense of humor, and he's more the serious type I guess.

I have posted a few pictures, blogs and funny videos with Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert Funny Guy On Squidoo

The Idea Girl Says - I have created a new lens on Squidoo, it's called Adam Lambert Funny Guy.

I decided to look for some funny pictures and videos from youtube of Adam Lambert.

Ryan Seacrest and 102.7FM decided to interview Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, so I've posted a few of those videos on there too.

I've even got a picture of Adam Lambert kissing Kris Allen!

Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta - The Tonight Show

Kris Allen had to cancel his appearance on Conan O'Briens - The Tonight Show at the last minute.

Kris Allen's maternal Grandmother passed away this week, how sad.

Allison Iraheta filled in for him and sang Hearts - Barracuda.

Kris Allen will not miss any of his tour dates though.

He promised to attend the American Idol Tour at the Staples Center on July 16, 2009.

Now I'll have to go search on Youtube to see if anyone has posted this stuff.

Robert Pattinson - A Lousy Tipper?

It's been reported that Robert Pattison dined with some friends in New York City and the bill came to a whopping $350.

Robert Pattinson left a $50 tip and then the tabloids say he's a lousy tipper?

Who cares about the 15% commission, really not everyone is rich these days.

Even if Robert Pattinson's Twilight Movie is a box office hit, he only got a small amount of cash for his first movie.

I'm sure he negotiated for bigger bucks in the next one, at least I hope he did, but we all know Hollywood.
They know how to rip actors off!

I think any waitress that complains about getting a $50 tip is nuts.

If there were only a few people to serve and they had a couple of bottles of wine, what's the big deal about gettting less than 15% tip?

Are New Yorkers and people of the world, that anal about it?
I think any tip is great no matter how big or small, these are tough times.

I am sure if he had more money he would have left a bigger tip.

The media is nuts though, how many of us leave a $1 or $2 tip when we go eat out somewhere?

I know I always do, no matter how big the tab, usually I'll leave $2 per person because that's all I can afford.

My waitresses don't mind though, because I eat out almost every day, so they have a guaranteed income with me. :)

Chelsea Lately - The Idea Girl Says

Chelsea Lately - The Idea Girl Says, this is a cool show!

I just discovered it on You Tube, yes I don't do enough surfing and I hardly ever watch TV!

I wish someone would have told me about this chick before.

commented on loving this show, so I looked it up and you know he's right.

She's a very funny comedian, a little too sexual at times, but I guess guys love that kind of thing!

Whitney Cummings Hilarious Stand Up Comic - Romance

Whitney Cummings is a hilarious Stand Up Comic from the Tv Show on Showcase - Live Nude Comedy.

I've posted several funny skits, videos of her shows on Witty Woman Today and Idea Girl Consulting WordPress.

I also posted a blog about washing dogs with Beavis and Butthead and my miniature poodle Daisy on The Idea Girl Says.

Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

I finally figured out how to add links to my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site.

I assumed by publishing the comments from people that their Urls would show on the site, but it looks like you have to click on the comments cloud to see them!

Now I know how to exchange links, and I still haven't figured out what a back link is, I am assuming it means that I exchange a link to the other person's website and they do the same for me.

I think that is what a backlink is...