Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meiko - Boys With Girlfriends

Why is it that when we get a boyfriend or girlfriend that everything changes around us?

Our friends can't hang with us as much because so and so doesn't like each other.

Do you have that problem?

Sometimes you make sacrifices for your special someone but look at the reasons for it and very carefully decide if that's what you want.

If your friend is a good person and brings joy into your life, don't give them up, ever.

If your friend causes negativity in your life or your relationship, then give them up.

It's not worth all the drama!

Meiko sings a wonderful song called Boys with Girlfriends.

Bay Beach - Crystal Beach, Ontario - Erie St

The Idea Girl Says; we love going to Bay Beach on Erie St in Crystal Beach, Ontario.

Whenever it's hot and sunny we head over there.

I always take my rafts with me so I can ride those 3 to 4 ft waves.

I love windy days because the waves are nice and big then!

It's good exercise jumping up and down in the waves, great for the butt and legs!

Harry Potter 200 links to view!

Great news Harry Potter fans! Someone's looked up 200 sites and posted them on their website!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Johnny Depp - Be Still My Heart!

Okay so after watching Public Enemies last night, I wrote a couple of movie reviews on two of my sites.

One is on my journal blog The Idea Girl Says and the other is on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

I keep it simple, straightforward and a wee bit different each time so you can learn something new.

The Idea Girl Says Word Press

I've started a new journal blog called - The Idea Girl Says - on Word Press.

Since My Tweets are limited on Twitter The Idea Girl, I decided to start posting some tweets on my site instead, for fun!

I can do some journalling and really start writing the way that I'm accustomed to.

I need to get back into the swing of things again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tynisha Keli on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

Tynisha Keli is a lovely new R&B Artist with a unique story.

It's kind of a rags to riches story, where she comes to LA at the age of 14 and ends up being a Star!

Marie Digby on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

I've found a new artist while looking around YouTube.

Marie Digby is a very talented artist who plays the piano and guitar.

I've posted some of her music videos on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site.

Adam Lambert Sexy Pics

I've got some cool music videos and sexy pics of Adam Lambert and the other American Idols on Witty Woman.

Here's a shirtless Adam Lambert when he was younger, so sweet!

I love his music, his look and his charisma.

I also have lots of music videos of Adam Lambert on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

Funny Harry Potter Stuff

I've posted some cool videos about Harry Potter on Witty Woman.

I found a video of Fan Art that's set to music, it's lovely and entertaining.

I had no idea there were so many varied artists with so much talent out there.

This drawing is from Phoenirius, his link is on my Witty Woman site.

The SS America Book Two of The Munroe Series

I have just published the first few chapters of The SS America - Book Two in The Munroe Series. This is a Mystery Historical Romance and part of a series of Twelve Books written by: Linda Michelle Randall.

I've also published a few chapters of The Munroe Mansion - Book One in the Munroe Series. This is a Mystery Historical Romance and part of a series of Twelve Books written by: Linda Michelle Randall.

Idea Girl Consulting - The SS America - Book Two of The Munroe Series. This is The Trip To Canada: How it all Began.

It's the year 1903, Goderich Lafleur and Brandon Deere are tired of London,England and decide they want to start a new life in Canada.

Goderich is tired of women throwing themselves at him and Brandon is a ladies man.

They board the SS America and meet Marion White.

Goderich and Brandon plan to compete for her heart until they meet Louise Picard, then the chase is on to capture her heart too!

Goderich Lafleur is indifferent to women, but Louise Picard and Marion White think they can capture his heart.

Patricia Totenmyer Rosewood Is Louise Picard's Chaperone, her goal is to find a wealthy husband for her charge. She decides that Louise should pursue Brandon Deere who is smitten with the lovely Marion White.

Marion White has a secret, she's on her way to Canada to be courted by a much older man named Count Frederick Fontaine. Her parents plan to arrange a marriage with the Count to secure their future as they have no fortune of their own. Marion really doesn't want to marry the Count because he is too old for her, she hopes to find someone younger and more suitable for her before she reaches Canada.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harry Potter Funny Stuff!

Isn't this baby just adorable? I found this funny pic on Google and couldn't resist.

I am always looking for something hilarious to post on my Witty Woman Today site!

I've found bloopers, interviews and movie clips, fan's music videos and more.

You can also view pictures of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and the rest of the Harry Potter cast on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

Adam Lambert, Kris Allen - Hosting Ryan Seacrests Show

I found some amazing videos of Adam Lambert and Kris
Allen from American Idol, hosting Ryan Seacrests America's Top 40 Radio Show!

I love the way these two interact and come up with some pretty funny jokes during the show!

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen make great talk show hosts! I can't wait till they do a show of their own in the future. I'm sure Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest will get them doing something interesting, because they are so good at it!