Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Few More Ghosts Ask For Help!

What's a girl to do when she has a carousel of ghosts visiting her house asking for her help?

How do you use psychic dreams, visions and what on earth is remote viewing?

I talk about these on several of my blogs and Squidoo sites dedicated to the missing persons who have been identified as ghosts that have visited our home.

It's been pretty crazy around here in the past week, I've been posting my notebook notes about psychic and paranormal activity on Squidoo.

Ghosts with unfinished business are in the dream state (before I google the information looking for facts to back up the story I've been told by a Ghost or by visions, dreams and things said by Harold the ghost hunter)

Ghost Talk is simply when were out ghost hunting (haunted places) and the ghosts asks us to do something for them specifically.

A Psychic Investigation is just that. It's based on dreams, visions and psychic thoughts that come to mind while working on several missing persons cases.

Usually I'll have a dream, Harold will have a vision and then I'll post the info online.

If were given a name by a ghost then I will Google it and try to find out who it is.

I ask Harold to identify the ghost he's seen in the house and then we collaborate together by matching pictures, facts, names until we figure out who it is that needs our help!

So far so good! I've been successful with my Google searches except for one or two people.

The dreams are kind of freaky because some happen within the same month and they are related in some way, shape or form.

I usually don't piece together the puzzles until I'm actually typing up my dream notebook notes...

In the past month we've been investigating through psychic dreams, visions and remote viewing the following cases:

Jessica Foster
Roxanne Paltauf
Loretta Lynn Roberts
Rachel Cooke
Greg Alexander Silah
John Silah
Jesse Ross
Jessie Neilson

and those are the ones that come to mind...


What a week! I've been busy posting PPV's for WWE SUMMER SLAM 2009.

Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio have left the WWE and CM PUNK has the title back!

The Undertaker shows up on RAW after CM PUNK steals the title away from Jeff Hardy.

DX Returns to Raw and fights against Randy Orton and Legacy at Summer Slam!

So much excitement I cannot contain myself!