Thursday, July 2, 2009

WWE Edge has a break down!

WWE Edge has a breakdown, funny pics of SuperStars losing it.

Comedy skits with the WWE Superstars poking fun and playing pranks on one another.

Guaranteed to make you laugh your a** off!

To view funny WWE videos go to: Witty Woman

Witty Woman Today

I'm posting some pictures, interviews and music videos about Twilight New Moon on Witty Woman Today. This is different stuff then what is on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site. Witty Woman is my funny stuff, whereas Idea Girl Consulting is my Entertainment and Sports News, Music articles.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Munroe Series

I've created an index site for my novels and called it The Munroe Series. Here you will find several sites and excerpts from the novels I have been writing. The Munroe Mansion is the beginning of the story. The Lafleur Mansion is the next book and so on. I have written 11 parts to this series, and decided to break them into 60,000 word counts for each book that I write. This way I can continue the series till the end, then add to it, or create different series names for each family in my Fictional Historical Romance/Mystery Novels.