Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing - Character - Timelines - Birth - Death - Marriage

So I'm writing away and looking at my manuscript and shaking my head.
I feel so overwhelmed by it all!

I decide to watch a few videos about writing novels.
I feel better.
I take what I've learned and practice it.

I make character profiles, settings, novel notes in my One Note 2007 program.

Awesome tool, it saves as I write! :)

I start working on my timelines.

Pulling out my calculator, I figure out how old I want my characters to be when they have babies, or get married.

Then I document it in my character profiles.

I'm all proud of myself.

Then I'm actually READING what i've done.

This woman is born in 1867 and married in 1868.

One year old, and married.

Now that's what I call an arranged marriage. LOL

I fixed it, but I'm wondering how many other boo boos I managed to do.

then I take a look at the list of names.

I've repeated some of the names, births are different, description is different.

DAM... THIS isn't working?

I had the bright idea to put the FAMILIES, Houses together as the character profiles.


Now I'm starting over again.

I'll put them in alphabetical order of first name and then I'm going to make a master list of all character first, last names, ( two lists in alphabetical order) to make sure I don't give the same name to two people.

They also say we have to make sure we don't pick names that are similar.

I had ROLF and WOLF Stalin.

They are too much alike, so I changed the name ROLF.

I'll let you know if my new attempt at organizing a character profile, is working. :)

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