Saturday, December 12, 2009

Music Videos - Idea Girl Consulting You Tube - Word Press Entertainment Site - Linda Randall

I've been receiving emails from people asking how to post their music on my Entertainment site.

There are two ways.

You can email me on Youtube - Ideagirlconsulting, with the URL of your YOUTUBE videos.

If it's International Music, I ask that you have the lyrics in English or give me an idea what the song is about.

You can visit my Entertainment Site on Ideagirlconsulting on WORD PRESS, where music and movie videos are posted.

Leave your My Space Url  with a comment and I'll go look at your site.

I receive hundreds of emails in my personal account, so I don't use that one for the Music URLS, it's too confusing. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Query Letters - Why Do I Have To Query A Literary Agent?

Query Letters - Why Do I Have To Query A Literary Agent?

I was rather proud of myself today, I'm half asleep and I was able to type a legible post about Query Letters.

You will often find that what I'm doing research on, I will share with you what I learn.

This week I did my first FINAL READING of The Calamity Girl - The Promotion Manuscript.

I was pretty happy because there were hardly any errors!

YAY ME!!!!

As London Tipton would do on The ZACK and CODY Show!

I get a kick out of that show, you should watch it sometime, it's hilarious!

So this week I'm researching the Writer's Market to see what types of genre's that Literary Agents look for.

Then I'll be cross referencing them with GOOGLE to find their blogs.

I want to get to know my Literary Agents before I start to Query them.

You want a good perspective of what's hot on the market.

If I see an agent only asking for submissions for Young Adult, I am not going to Query her.


Because my book is Chick Lit, Romance.

What is the point of sending it to an agent that doesn't handle those type of manuscripts?

I'm wasting their time and mine.

Are you paying attention to what the Literary Agent is asking for?

Or are you blindly sending out Queries, and getting rejected hundreds of times.

It is something to think about.

I'm going to advise you to set aside a day, every week to do research.

Whether it be for a setting, a character, an agent or a publisher.

Once you know what you're dealing with, you won't feel so frustrated about it all.

Where do you start?

Take a look at the Writer's Market and Guide to Literary Agents.

If your unsure of what GENRE your book is, then GOOGLE GENRE WIKIPEDIA.

Wikipedia has a run down of each GENRE and a description.

If all else fails, place it under FICTION or NON FICTION and let the Literary Agent decide for you.

Just for the record, blogger is adding spaces and cutting off my sentences when I post this?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight New Moon Wolf Pack Squidoo

Today I made a new video featuring 102 pictures of Twilight New Moon's Wolfpack Squidoo on Idea Girl Consulting Youtube.

I've also posted it  on some of my other New Moon sites.

I've created several lenses with other pictures, interviews and videos on my Twilight Series of Squidoo sites:

Twilight New Moon Wolf Pack
Twilight New Moon Picture Gallery
Alex Meraz Sexy Guy
Taylor Launter Sexy Guy
Twilight New Moon The Volturi
Robert Pattinson Funny Guy
Xavier Samuel Funny Guy

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lens of the Day on Squidoo - Dec 8th, 2009 - Party Time for Kids

I finally won!!!
Lens of the Day on Squidoo on Dec 8th, 2009!

Party Time for kids was nominated as the number one lens of the day!

Planning a Birthday, Winter Time Activities and Fun with Your Kids?

Take a look, watch some videos, make some goodies, meal and menu planning.
Shop for theme party ideas.

Idea Girl Recipes For Two - Christmas Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Menus

I updated one of my lenses on Squidoo and posted some menu ideas for brunch, lunch and dinner for Christmas Day.

It's hard to plan for just two on Christmas Day, so I'm sharing what my menu will be for Christmas Day, with videos on how to make omelletes, scrambled, eggs over easy, poached eggs, eggs benedict, potato pancakes, recipes for home fries, chocolate mud cake, ham with pineapple, how to cook sweet potatoes...

Take a look at Idea Girl Recipes for Two on Squidoo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Best Sellers - Authors, Publishers for 2009

Wall Street Journal Best Sellers list is what I started with this morning.

I found it on Google - New York Times Best Sellers.

I spent 8 hours today making it.

I just noticed the date was for November 26,2009.

I googled it again and a new list was made today!
Darn it!
I've made a list for the OLD best selling author's list. LOL

I thought it was for the full year.

Oh well, I had some enjoyment searching for Author's pictures, the publishers and the book covers of the Title's on my list.

The music portion gave me some trouble, then I had to upload it twice to youtube.

Bad Value was the error message.

This means that your Youtube title is too long.

I can't help it, I'm long winded!

Oh dear!
I need to learn to be simple again.

I go through these routines where I'll talk too much or not enough.

Do all writer's have this problem?

Some of the Author's sites were pretty amazing and similar. (You could tell who used the exact same layout - boring if you ask me)

The Author's looked so prim and proper in their pictures.

I felt like I was out of their league, sitting here with my pj's on, a housecoat and slippers.

All day I'm wearing my PJ"S because they are warm, and comfortable.

I forgot to go out for a walk today.

I didn't eat all day until supper (after 6pm) and here I am almost 3 hours later still sitting here typing on my computer.

Too bad I don't get paid for working all these hours, I'd be rich for sure!

I was supposed to do some rewriting on my novel, but forgot to do that.

I'm not feeling well, so this is what I do, I play around on the net and make things.

Today it was a movie.

I had fun, enjoyed myself so that's all that matters, right?

Wall Street Journal Top 13 Best Sellers for Hardcover Fiction - November 26, 2009