Saturday, October 10, 2009

Party Time - Kids - Teens - Adults - Recipes

I decided it's very important to throw a good party.

Entertaining is great for spending time with family and friends.

You need the right kind of music, food, drinks and games.

I have recipes for food, drinks, a bartenders guide, party favors, and types of music to play, theme parties, party tips and amounts of how much food you need for certain amounts of people.

Party Time - Adults

Party Time - Teens

Party Time - Kids

St Patricks Day - Irish Cooking

Recipes for Two

The Bachelor's Cooking Guide

Auto - WWE - Bachelor Cooking - Lawn Care

I like making lenses about things I know nothing about.

So I made up an Auto Guide lens with car rental, insurance, black book pricing and care, maintenance manuals that you can find online.

The WWE Superstars, wrestlers, divas, information, tickets, and events.

Bachelor Cooking, recipes for the single guy, roomates and romantic date info.

Lawn Care - Darren Chisholm provides care around the Niagara region, with tips on lawn care for spring, summer, fall, winter, how to grow a beautiful lawn, seeding, gardening and more...

Auto Guide

WWE Events

The Bachelor's Cooking Guide

Chisholm's Lawn Service

Squidoo - Adam Lambert - Kris Allen - Ryan Seacrest - Simon Cowell - American Idol

I love watching American Idol and I voted for Adam Lambert to win.  I was shocked that Kris Allen won, and I was upset about it at first, but now I'm okay with it.  He's good too and Adam and Kris make the perfect couple! LOL

I love Ryan Seacrest's sexy voice and he's a hard working man, I love all his TV and Radio shows.

Simon Cowell is funny and he always tickles my funny bone even when he's being mean. :)

Adam Lambert 

Kris Allen

Ryan Seacrest

Simon Cowell

Squidoo - Paranormal - ghosts - orbs - ecto mist - welland canal - haunted houses

I have a section of lenses that I've made in Squidoo that are about ghosts, paranormal, orbs, ectomist, haunted houses, haunted grave yards, the blue ghost tunnel, the screaming tunnel, the ghosts that haunt the welland canal and more...

The Blue Ghost Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel West End 

The Keefer Mansion

Paranormal Ghosts orbs Ecto mist

The Ghosts of The Welland Canal

Ghosts with unfinished business

Ghost Talk

A Psychic Investigation that some of the clues, dreams came true.

Victoria Stafford

Victoria Stafford Psychic Clues Photos evidence

Squidoo - Twilight - New Moon - The Wolf Pack - The Volturi - Eclipse Sites I've Made

I've never really given the web addresses for all my 109 Squidoo sites that I make as hobby.  So I'll be posting them in groups, they are all interconnected with each other now.

I spent about 12 hours yesterday putting them all together into logrolls, so that on the right side of the page are links to similar sites that I have built and it seems to be working.

Today for the FIRST time, every single site had a hit!

No big 0's to report.. Yaaaaaaaaa!
Alex Meraz

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Xavier Samuel

Twilight New Moon Picture Gallery

Twilight New Moon The Wolf Pack

Twilight New Moon The Volturi

Friday, October 9, 2009

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Dating, Kissing, Twitter's Gone?

I'm wondering what ever possessed Miley Cyrus to leave her fans hanging with no Twitter Updates?

All because her boyfriend doesn't want her on there?

What's up with that?

Hope he isn't some kind of control freak, or she's going to have bigger problems down the road if they last that long.

Now according to tabloids the girl is fighting with Billy Ray Cyrus?

How can a relationship, hormones and teen years, screw up everything?

I'll tell you how, by falling for a guy then turning your world upside down.

Believe me when I say I've been down that path before, and I regretted it!

I found some awesome pics of our happy couple.

Visit Idea Girl Consulting - The Idea Girl Blog for details!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music - Playlist - R&B, Hip Hop, Dance Mix, Punk Rock, Rock n Roll and More...

I had fun today making up a ton of music playlists for new releases to music playlists for R&B, Hip Hop, Rock n Roll, American Idol, Punk Rock, and Dance Mix Music.

I looked up all the new releases for October and posted them on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

Then I looked up the favorite groups and made seperate playlists for each one.

Some are 30 minutes long while others are and hour.

I like playing DJ, it's fun. :)

The Calamity Girl - Writing Chic Lit

I've started another blogspot called The Calamity Girl and I've also got the same name on Word Press where the actual story is taking place.

My fictional characters name is Rachel Tornquist and she is going to have several different adventures in every story line.

I like to write a mini story for each post and they usually run just under 2000 word count.

I put cool pictures in there to add to your imagination of what my character is thinking or doing.

And at the end I add various beauty tip videos for both men and women, or music or whatever the story was about!

This week I have makeup clubbing tips for both men and women, so cool!

Check out The Calamity Girl Updates on Blog spot.