Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Writer's Cramp - Submit That Manuscript to a Publisher - Stress!!!

Now I just need a boost of confidence.  I finished my manuscript for my first novel called The Munroe Mansion - The Beginning.  Now I just have to do a synopsis, a query letter and find some confidence.
I'm terrified that someone's going to tell me that I suck as a writer.  Or I'll hear that i'm not experienced enough and I need to get an education or something like that.

Imagine having writers cramp for months and months, finally typing it all up, spending hundreds of hours on a project then you come to a complete standstill because of fear?

What have I got to lose other than some pride?

I know, I'm supposed to be persistent in what I do, believe in myself, and then take that first step towards my dream of being a published writer.
I've been published on the internet for many years and it didn't cause me any undue stress.
So why am I having so much trouble with this?
A feeling of panic and dread at the outcome of all this?

I feel that I'm a great writer, I just don't know if anyone else will feel the same. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anggun Italian Pop Music - Idea Girl Consulting Wordpress

I'm reading my emails from youtube and posting the URLS that people have sent me.

Awesome Italian Pop Music Artist Anggun's website and Music.

I noticed my traffic's fallen drastically in the past few days, down to around 500 per day from 6000?

Something's not working right out in computer land. :)

But I'm still getting comments, so I think I'll reduce my video's from 5 per post to about 2.

I think the page may take too long to load for some older computers and that's why people aren't sticking around.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tattoo Designs - Pictures - Ideas - Books - Japanese Tattoos

Tattoo's are so cool and I've created a shopping guide for tattoo lovers, on books to buy from Amazon.

Christmas is coming up, birthdays, anniversary gifts, coffee table books, and gifts for friends or family, these books are great reading material while others show about 500 different Tattoo designs to choose from.

I've added them to my Roxanne Paltauf A Psychic Investigation lens on Squidoo.

Ted Bundy - Harvey Lee Oswald - Charles Manson - Serial Killer Books

I added some shopping modules to Roxanne Paultauf's Psychic Investigation lens.

I guess a lot of people have written books about several serial killers, exploring their love life, the victims, their stories, movies , biographies and tales of horror.

I can't imagine reading a book like that myself, but you might like that kind of thing.

I've added books about Ted Bundy, Harvey Less Oswald, Charles Manson, and Missing Persons.

Amazon Best Sellers List - Idea Girl Consulting - Squidoo Linda Randall

I made a new lens today of the top 22 Best Selling Books on Amazon.

I figured people want to buy books for Christmas Gifts for the family.

It's easy you click on the book you want, and buy it and supposedly Squidoo gives me some sort of commisison for selling it on my lens.

So I'm going to try it out and see how it does. :)

Shop her for Amazon's Best Sellers List of Books - Family

p.s If you have any friends that love to buy books, then pass it on... :)