Sunday, September 27, 2009

Insomnia Busters - Youtube Music Videos

I've managed to post several videos to my blog on Idea Girl Consulting Wordpress and one in particular is about Michael Jackson a tribute song from Far East Movement and Wong Fu Productions.

I posted stuff about several groups.

It's crazy when I first start I think  it's all one group then I start reading the info on the videos and realized it was a production company that made a music video with a band. LOL

Tonight I've been suffering with 100 sneezes, so I couldn't blog much, it's calmed down now after half a box of kleenex.

I really need to dust my office. :)

No seriously, I've been sneezing all night.

I cleaned out my dusty closet and a corner of my bedroom.

And I'm allergic to dust.

Oh yeah, I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. :)

I can't believe that Christmas is like 3 months away and I haven't bought anything yet?

That's weird, usually I've purchased half of my Christmas list by now.

Oh well, we've been travelling locally to various fun theme parks and playing tourist.

It's been a fun packed summer.
I think by winter when it all stops I'll be suffering from severe boredom and itching to travel again.

I wish I could afford to go south for the winter.

That would be so cool!

Someday when I get my books published my first priority will be to take a sunny, warm vacation where theres water, beach and palm trees.

The 3 ingredients to happiness during the winter blues. :)

Sorry for the rabbit trail, oh yeah Far East Movement...

A great rap style dance music type , I never know how to explain what it's called.

It's almost 3 am! LOL

Okay I'm tired but decided to say hi. :)

Can't sleep like me?

Work on your youtube play list and post to your blogs but beware of the typos! :)

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