Friday, October 2, 2009

What is The Volturi in New Moon?

I was asking myself that very question.

I've posted videos and information about The Volturi on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.

Fan's videos from youtube are always so helpful!

Hat's off to the people that love the Twilight Saga - New Moon and take the time to make these awesome videos for us to watch!

I can't believe I complimented some guy on his youtube video and he sends me an email telling me how pretty I am?

Jeepers, I'm not on here to get picked up buddy!

I was just commenting that I liked his WORK and that's it.

Besides he's old enough to be one of my son's!

Anyways I know my pictures make me look young, I am young at heart, but I've never hid my true age.

Sure I'm a Cougar but I've already caught my pup and that's good enough for me! :)

I found some sweet pictures of Volterra, Italy where The Volturi live.

Now I'm almost wondering, are these people real?

Do you know that back in the early 1900's people travelling to Europe would take a Vampire Kit with them?

It was to protect them from being attacked by a vampire!

So.... I think they exist?
Why else would people buy such a thing?

You can see the Vampire Kit on display at Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I was shocked when I saw it, imagine that.

You're in Europe and suddenly you hear -  I'VE COME TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!  - in a sesame street Count Dracula voice - and then you feel something clamp down on your neck and you pass out...

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