Thursday, October 1, 2009

Youtube Funny Music Talent

Today on my Idea Girl Consulting Blogs I featured several artists whose music and talents that I enjoy.

Some are newbies that posted videos on youtube then sent me their URLS and asked for my opinion.

I critique some of the videos, or their work and tell them what works on youtube.

I'm not a master of anything but I do look at thousands of videos each week and I look for similarities or trends in the ones that get millions of hits.

The most I've encountered on there is 65 million for one video, and I believe it was for a TV Show.

In most cases once a video gets loads of hits, youtube will take notice and offer to pay you money to post more!

Now that's what I call a sweet deal.

Doing something that you love and getting paid for it, how cool is that? :)

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