Monday, November 30, 2009

Writing - Music - Shopping - Movies

This weekend I decided to go out for a bit and have some fun.

I did some Christmas shopping at the flea markets and at the local mall.

I hope that you have started some of your christmas shopping?

I actually planned to do it after Dec 18th, because that's when all the great sales start.

Don't you just love it when the mall has midnight madness and there's a 75 % off sale on leather coats and clothing?

While you're out this weekend, be sure to check out the new release "Old Dogs" with John Travolta and Robin Williams, I've written a movie review on The Idea Girl Says.

I've also featured some cool new bands and new music to listen to on Idea Girl Consulting it's a good idea to listen to the songs while you do some writing on you're blogs or while you're surfing the internet and doing some Christmas shopping.

I also have shopping modules available in Squidoo if you're interested do a search for Linda Randall.  It will bring up my bio page and a list of the 114 websites I've created, you can get some great deals on Twilight New Moon merchandise, best selling books, dvds, music and more.

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