Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another Goal Reached - 200,000 Hits on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press

I just realized I've had 200,000 hits on Idea Girl Consulting Word Press.
I reached the goal of 200,000 hits a few months back in views, but hits are different, so this was another factor.
I first started it as my business blog and quickly got bored with that idea.
I'm a Gemini, you can relate can't you? :)
So after seeing Perez Hilton get bopped in the nose on TV, I went to his blog and found it appealing.

That's when I decided I should blog about something I'm passionate about.
Something fun and entertaining for people!

I was so busy stressing about the fact that my daily visits had dropped from 1,000 to 500 and I was feeling kind of bummed out about it.
I don't why it bugs me so much.
I think it's because I reach a level of success on there and I'd like to keep it going.
I hate it when it fluctuates.
Oh well, I guess that's the way it is in blogger land.
I should be thankful!
I read hundreds of comments and posts in Pro Blogger and Blog Catalog where people complain about getting no traffic to their sites, or worse no comments.

So far I've logged 1,044 comments on this site and I've deleted an additional 3800.

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