Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Website Traffic For Free

I've been surfing the internet looking for "Submit Url" for free.

Search Engines, Directories, Click Thru's, Link Referral are some of the site's that I've visited.

I find they do generate traffic for a few days then it drops back to normal!

I think it's best to write something really interesting and cool before you do this!

Try and stick to the topics that are listed in your website description and titles.

If Google see's that your the master of a certain topic, it will reach the front pages during a Google Search!

Also use a certain nickname on Facebook, Twitter, and all Social Networks.

I'm known as The Idea Girl or Idea Girl Consulting.

That way your fans can Google you and always find out what's going on!

I use Twitter, but I find that lately it's not posting my Word Press articles right away!

It can take a day or so, and I don't know if it's because I post late in the night as opposed to day time?

Not sure about that one!

If you have any tips on this, please visit my site Idea Girl Consulting Wordpress, and leave your URL with your comment! :)

Or link to my site, I get over 5,000 hits a week, and I'm sure Google will trace my site back to yours! :)

I'm in the Humor, Arts , Entertainment and Celebrity, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, David Cook, American Idol, Musicians, Artists, Music, Movie Categories, so it's best if those types of sites link to mine! :)

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