Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Heat Wave Cures - Money Matters

It's a Heat Wave this week and what are we going to do about it?

Personally I've become a hermit in my house and I'm climbing the walls as we speak.

The heat takes away all my energy, makes me thirsty and I'm avoiding the great outdoors!

I tried to take a walk today and lasted about 3 mintues, it's over 42 degrees outside and I was breaking into a sweat!

I hate being sweaty, so I jump into an ice cold shower, but the water doesn't even feel very cold!

Now that's crazy, when the cold water comes out warm! LOL

I'm looking at my baskets of folded laundry thinking, yes you need to be put away but I don't want to sweat.

I wish I could be like Bewitched and twiggle my nose and have my laundry float its way into the cupboard.

Maybe tonight I'll get around to putting it away?

Yesterday I didn't do any work, but I really enjoyed reading Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I bought the book more as a research tool.

I figured I wouldn't read the whole thing, I'd just speed read and browse through the story lines.

I wanted to see what does a writer have to do in order to get published and have one's book made into a movie!

I was researching chic lit to see what people like to read.

I quickly forgot about the speed reading as I began to turn the pages.

Now I know what a publisher means by writing a page turner!

I couldn't put the book down for long, (bathroom breaks and feeding my face)

Even while eating I opened the book to see what Sophie Kinsella had to say about the adventures of Rebecca Bloomwood.

Man I could swear this book was about me.

Yep, all the shopping, thousands of dollars, large visa bills, do not pay notices...

That was me a few years back. :)

Now that I'm not working I cannot have a credit card! LOL

No more debt for me, but the balances that I owned on are still collecting interest.

Visa said it was a write off because I had no income, and now they say a few years later that I still owe it?

I think its called the three year itch.

They write to a collection agency and send mail to your family and friends, just like the character Derek Smeath does.

They stalk you on the phone, (do you have any idea how many phone numbers I've had in the past ten years! LOL)

It finally got to the point that I didn't have a phone at all, and no fixed address.

I was moving several times a year to avoid my creditors until I found the relief of bankruptcy!

It didn't make it any better though!

Now I can't be approved for a car loan, a mortgage, an apartment!

No one warmed me about the maladies that go along with a bankruptcy.

I've even been turned down for jobs that pay over $100,000 because of that stupid bankruptcy!

So chickies a word of wisdom, contact one of those agencies that helps you put all your bills into one pot.

ONE MONTHLY PAYMENT is all that is required.

It can be $5 or $20 or more!

It's all based on what you can afford!

It used to be The United Way that provided some free credit counselling.

If they determine that it's your best interest to go bankrupt then do so but be forewarned, you'll need cosigners for lodgings, autos and you can kiss some of those financial and bank related jobs goodbye!

I learned my lesson, well not really but that's another story... :)

One good thing about this heat wave, it keeps me at home and away from the stores! LOL

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