Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Bean - Witty Woman Today - Funny Girl

Mr Bean also has cartoons for kids!

Some of the videos I found with Mr. Bean were too spicy or naked for Word Press or so I was so happy to find cartoons!

Even the kids can watch them and you don't have to worry about seeing Mr Bean in his underwear! :)

I've posted the cartoons on Witty Woman for you to enjoy.

These one's are centered around Summer Time, The Beach and fixing a car!

I also posted one on The Idea Girl Says.

It was pretty cool because I was writing about doing research on how to fix my car, when I happened to come across a video of Mr. Bean.

I started watching it and was delighted to find that it was about his car!

So I added it to my blog for fun, so that you could read my daily journal then entertain yourself with a funny cartoon!

It's great for break or lunch time while your at work.

I keep my stuff clean so if the boss does come around the corner you won't be embarrassed with swearing or nudity!

Even kids can read about what I write about on The Idea Girl Says Blog!

Safe for all ages! LOL

I was laughing my a** off at the Mario Dance One!

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