Saturday, February 20, 2010

Burlington Beach - Psychic Investigation Victoria Stafford Jessie Foster - Linda Randall

There is a lift bridge here and back in the early years (maybe 1900s) one of the sailors got killed on the bridge and is said to haunt the place.  We went to see if we could find out about it from the local people.  They were quite informative about it.

The other reason for our visit was that we were looking for clues about Victoria Stafford on July 6, 2009.  One of the things I had asked Sayge and Voltar at History of a Haunting was if Victoria was in Burlington Ontario or Woodstock.  He said she was near Woodstock.  I still wanted to go to the beach area because both Harold and I on different days had a dream about a beach and the word "Burlington" came to mind.  Now were not sure if it means Burlington Ontario or something else.  As in remote viewing I have found out that you receive random words that can mean something totally different then what you think.

So we went there to investigate to see if anything was buried in that area.  Now when we were at Crystal beach in the photos' before Victoria's ghost spoke to me saying that she had a friend named Jessie.  I wasn't entirely sure if she meant a child or an adult.  For when Harold saw her ghost she was with three other children at the time.  We never did identify them.

So we kept hearing 'my name is Jessie.'  Harold heard it too but we didn't discuss it till later.  We both heard the exact same name.  Later in this investigation while in Toronto, Ontario at Wonderland in the same time frame, Harold steps on a name tag at the bottom of a pool and it has the name Jessie on it!

In one of my visions I saw a triangle and a tower.  There was a hydro tower there.


We parked in a parking lot nearby and walked to our destination.

Always on the lookout for clues.

I was shocked to find a hydro tower here and a bridge.  It looked like my drawings.

There's the hydro towers - power lines and the lift bridge to a canal waterway in Burlington Bay near Lake Ontario.

Off to the left was when Harold heard the words "My name is Jessie."

I heard it too but I was quite a few feet away from him. It was in my mind, not out loud.

I looked in the brush there and freaked out.

There was Victoria Stafford's photo in the Toronto Sun.  A Sense of Relief  was the title of the article.  At the time I had been wondering why was I bothering to look for people I didn't know.  The answer was to bring relief to the families of the loved ones who were missing.

The question is, what does Victoria Stafford and this girl Jessie have in common?  Both were missing persons.

I put the paper back where I found it.  I still have no idea how it got there or why it was there.  It was a "spiritual" confirmation to me that we were on the right track for something.

We looked around in the brush.

There was a mound of dirt here so I used a stick to get at it.  All I found were maggots and the ground was too hard for me to dig.

I took photos of the area in case we found anything.

It's a looped path that goes from the pier to the beach.

The water is incredibly cold here but crystal clear.  You can see the bottom.

I found the cold water uncomfortable and the water made my skin itchy.  I assume there's lots of chemicals in it then.  I like digging my feet in the sand to warm up.

I got the sensation of a boat - a yacht.

Harold loves to tell people what we do.  They look at us like were nuts. :)

Harold was enjoying a dip in the water.

He was telling Clyde to come in too.

Cooling off.

I love this photo of the water flying off his hands. Cool.

Clyde's trying to wash the sand off his chest.

Harold feels the cold on his noogies. 

They don't last long.  The water temp here is about -20 degrees from the temp of Lake Ontario.  I noticed lots of underground springs here, bubbles of water were coming from the sandy floor.

When I got home I did a search on missing persons.  Jessie Foster came up on my computer and Harold identified her photo as one of the people he had seen in a vision walking through our living room.  She was wearing a dress and black high heels.  I heard the footsteps and Daisy was barking at something.  I don't see ghosts (on camera I can) but I can hear them walking around and listen to what they have to say.  Harold can see them but doesn't usually want to talk to them.  He was told by a psychic that he is an Indigo Child and that's why he can see ghosts.  To me it's people with unfinished business.  I don't know if my visions or notes actually help in the investigations but with two cases solved so far and they were found exactly where I said they would be, I'm beginning to wonder...

We didn't find anything there but I've kept the notes and posted them on my lens about Jessie Foster A Psychic Investigation.


  1. Hello,

    My sisters friend may have a picture you maybe interested in. the picture was taken in Burlington Bay by the water and caught a very interesting image of what appears to be a woman wearing a red sleeveless dress and she had brown hair. We came across your story about your investigation of Victoria Stafford and how both you and your husband heard the name "Jessica/Jessie foster". The photo fit the description of Jessica Foster after researching her name and finding pictures of her in a dress dress with brown hair.

    We would love to show you this picture and hear what you think of it. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

    Thank you

  2. can you blog that photo of the lady in the red dress or post it on your facebook and send me the link to it? thanks.