Sunday, July 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson - A Lousy Tipper?

It's been reported that Robert Pattison dined with some friends in New York City and the bill came to a whopping $350.

Robert Pattinson left a $50 tip and then the tabloids say he's a lousy tipper?

Who cares about the 15% commission, really not everyone is rich these days.

Even if Robert Pattinson's Twilight Movie is a box office hit, he only got a small amount of cash for his first movie.

I'm sure he negotiated for bigger bucks in the next one, at least I hope he did, but we all know Hollywood.
They know how to rip actors off!

I think any waitress that complains about getting a $50 tip is nuts.

If there were only a few people to serve and they had a couple of bottles of wine, what's the big deal about gettting less than 15% tip?

Are New Yorkers and people of the world, that anal about it?
I think any tip is great no matter how big or small, these are tough times.

I am sure if he had more money he would have left a bigger tip.

The media is nuts though, how many of us leave a $1 or $2 tip when we go eat out somewhere?

I know I always do, no matter how big the tab, usually I'll leave $2 per person because that's all I can afford.

My waitresses don't mind though, because I eat out almost every day, so they have a guaranteed income with me. :)

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