Monday, July 20, 2009

Victoria Stafford Clue - Aerial View of Where Human Remains Found July 19th, 2009

I found something that freaked me out, an aerial view of where the human remains were found I have posted the link on my Idea Girl Consulting Word Press site.

After seeing this video of pictures from a helicopter's view I definitely know it's Victoria Stafford.

The childs remains were found July 19 2009 mid aftertoon in Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada.

I'm still not sure that The news is giving the correct location.

They are saying the body was located 20 minutes from Woodstock, yet according to Google Map Directions it takes 1 hour 46 minutes to drive from Woodstock Ontario to Mount Forest Ontario?

My Clues came true - The circle of ever green/pine trees, the cirle of dirt, the white disposable outfits on the investigators, the dirt road, the forest, all in my psychic dreams which I've documented in my dream journal on Squidoo Victoria-Stafford

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