Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Munroe Mansion Rough Draft of my Synopsis is Done!

I finished all 49 Chapters, 64,498 word count, 448 pages of my Mystery/Romance manuscript today.  I have the first draft of the Synopsis done.

Now I have to do some online research on how to set it up properly and I'm thinking, it's going to be just as much work as doing the manuscript itself.

The Synopsis is my selling tool, it actually has to be presented in a better light than my manuscript.

The fun part is reducing 49 pages into 25?

My goal was to finish The Munroe Mansion by October 31, 2009.

On November 1st, 2009, for thirty days I'll be writing a new chic lit novel called The Calamity Girl.

It's going to be about a single girl and all the lousy dates she goes on as she searches for Mr. Right.

Will she ever find Mr. Right?

Or will she just learn to be happy with her own life, become independent and wealthy.

I have a few characters in mind for this book, but not sure I'm going to go with any of them.

Some of them are actually from The Munroe Series.

I thought it would be fun to spill them into this book, because they are in a small scene in one of my books and I really don't get too involved in their life.

I could have them having a history with The Calamity Girl, then they part ways, and step into the Munroe Series.

Not sure, if that's a good idea?

I'd like to hear some feedback on that.

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