Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Munroe Mansion Chapter One Revision

I've been working this week on revising my novel and I've written two new chapters and added 3 more characters.

In this story Duvall Marchand is a happy widow. He never really loved his wife, he just liked the money that she made for him.

His wife Blaise was a Fashion Designer that lived in Paris France, back in the early 1900's. She assumed that when she passed away that her fortunes would go to her nieces Lorraine and Elsa Picard.

Duvall informs her that everything is in his name, and it's his fortune and he refuses to share any of it with the girls when their Aunt and parents are tragically killed in a train accident.

Lorraine is desperate to find a way to support herself and her sister. She happens on a picture of Anthony Atkins in the Canada Gazette and formulates a plan to meet him, seduce him and have him marry her.

She writes to her Uncle Duvall requesting assistance and funds to travel to Canada. Her Uncle decides to take the girls sailing on his ship The White Star and intends to drop them off in Canada and never see them again.

However what the girls do not know is that he has a taste for young women...

That is the story line I'm working on :)

I've only posted the first six chapters of the book (my first rough draft) and when I finally am finished the story changes and is better every time I do this! :)

Some of the books in the Munroe Series just have loads of lovely pictures about my character and setting profiles :)

You can follow me as I write the books, develop the plots, setting and characters.

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