Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lisa Stebic - Stacy Peterson - Jessica Neilson - A Psychic Investigation

I'm working on another case again. This one is about Lisa Stebic. I've also posted information about Stacy Peterson and Jessica Neilson and Daniel Thomas Tavares on the same site. I believe that they all have something in common.

I have a theory about the girls that are missing and notice that the simularities in looks, height and weight may all be part of a serial killers liking for the "same kind" of girl?

It makes you wonder when you start looking at the cases.

With Lisa I had thoughts come to me about where her body is...

I do most of my psychic investigative work on Squidoo.

It's easier to make seperate files for each person there!

For some reason I'm unable to add a picture to my post today! :)

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