Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greg Alexander Silah - A Psychic Investigation

I've updated several of my blogs on Squidoo about Psychic Investigations and Remote viewing clues to several of the cases.

I decided to post links to all of the sites on Greg Alexander Silah website on Squidoo.
My computer is running really slow lately it's getting ridiculous.

I won't be working much on anything today, now I know why....
Jeez my computer was updating stuff!
A little box popped up!
I should have known.

Anyways I'm going to be running errands today and taking a break, kind of exhausted from all this. Too many things on the go here, need to regroup, organize and refresh! :)

I find it's important to do that and I got up way too early this morning to help Harold, then I started cleaning the house...

So I'm going to do some meditations, and rest for a bit!

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