Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friends Forever Angela Last - I'm praying for you to live and not die!

I've been friends with Angela Last now for 37 years.

Today I went to see her laying in a hospital bed in her parents home.

It was hard seeing her suffering from cancer.

I prayed for her, it's all that we can do.

The doctors say they can do nothing more.

Only God or the Powers that be can give us a miracle.

I hope they do!

I really want to go hiking with her at Decew Falls in the spring.

Today I was told it would be impossible to do so.

Angela can't even get out of bed now or even move.

I was angry to see her lying there so helpless.

I was mad because we haven't found a cure for cancer yet.

How much money and years will it take before they find a cure?

Sometimes I think they have.

What if they are not telling us because it's a big money maker for them?

Do you ever wonder about that?

I do...

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  1. Angela is my cousin. I live so far away, but am so deeply saddened by this loss. I am heartbroken that her daughters are without her. Thank you for posting this. I, too wonder and question if we haven't already found a cure. I am angry that people suffer in vain. My husband has cancer. He is also very young, like Angie. We were just visiting in June and she was so strong and determined. I never would have believed the story would end like this. I am happy she had you as her lifelong friend. Thank you for writing this on the web. It is comforting to read the words of people who love her and will keep her in their hearts and memory. Tabea