Friday, November 13, 2009

The Calamity Girl Visits Tucson Arizona

My fictional character Rachel Tornquist goes to Tucson Arizona and stays at the Niner Way Ranch.
So I decided to create a website about the ranch.
It's 12,000 sq feet and just gorgeous!
It's located in Oro Valley, in Tucson Arizona at the La Cholla Airpark.
Imagine having a 4500 ft runway attached to your property, so you can just fly out at any time.
It's a millionaire's paradise and Rachel and Michael are visiting there for a week.
They also go into the local towns and visit some of the places there.
The Cactus Moon Cafe, is a fun place to go and Rachel wants to learn how to line dance.
You can also do some shopping - Tour guide books for Tucson, Arizona, saddlebags and cowboy boots, just in time for Christmas!

View The Calamity Girl Visits Tucson Arizona

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