Friday, November 13, 2009

Meeting Goals - Writing - The Calamity Girl - Rachel Tornquist - Michael Ferraras

I'm happy to announce I've managed to type of 28,677 words for the new chic lit - The Calamity Girl manuscript.

I found out today my nanamo is actually now called nanowrimo.
All these different abbreviations.

I had fun doing research about New York City, Tucson Arizona and Los Angeles California this week.

My character Rachel Tornquist is travelling with Movie Producer Michael Ferraras, and things are heating up between the two.
Michael wants to make a committment, Rachel likes her freedom.

Will she lose Michael when she brushes off his offer to be  a committed couple?

Rachel is so used to dating anybody she wants, and she enjoys being single.

No hang ups.

She will have to decide whether she cares enough about Michael to build a love nest with him, or she'll be like a lovely bird and fly away.\

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