Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twitter Viral Followers

So weird, I checked my Twitter account today and I'm missing over 300 followers?

I think that follower program must have been viral and they removed some bogus followers when I told them to take me off their program.

They sent spam through my tweets like every 5 mintues about their awesome twitter follow program.

I was completely unaware of it for a week, I only check twitter once a week, but my posts and blogs are automatically tweeted.

I wonder if this will stop everything.

I changed the password today, because someone told me to do so to stop the spam.

I realize I do loads of blogs in chunks and this may be annoying to some.

So I think I'll cut that all back and just post some stuff and hope that the readers I have will stay.

I usually post all my material on Idea Girl Consulting or The Idea Girl Says.

I've also started several other blogs as well, the links are on my sites.

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