Thursday, November 26, 2009

Keywords on Google - Writing and Directing Traffic to Your Blogs

Today I was looking up information on Keywords and how they affect Google's spiderbots and webcrawlers.

Youtube :
Put the name of the song first, then the artists, album and other features.

Try to keep your title's, short, rich with keywords on the theme of your article.

Use the same keywords in the title, tags and content of your article.

This is supposed to help Google find you quickly through the mirad of millions of posts every day.

I've tried it out today and I'll let you know in two days time, if it's working!

I noticed on youtube there are tons of music videos not following this format, and some have no tags and they still managed to get over a million hits?
Whats up with that?

Ghost spiderbots... I think they just got lucky! :)

In the past week my traffic has doubled on both of my blogs so I'm a happy camper!

I'm not exactly sure if it's me trying to write better stuff, or just the fact that students are studying for exams, and surfing the internet a little more.

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