Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Characters - Creating a Setting, Place or Home Library

In creating a character's setting, you want to look for pictures on Google that will help you describe what your looking at.

It can be used as a visual tool or to make a website of your fictional settings, like I do in Squidoo.

I have so much fun creating a new home for Michael Ferraras in The Calamity Girl.

See this picture of a library?

I want you to come and sit down here, now tell me, what do you smell?

I smell, leather, paper, and my nose is being tickled by the dust.

I hear silence and it's marvelous.

The scraping of paper as I turn a page in a book.

You get the idea now of what it's like to be a character sitting in a library.

Describe what you are doing to your readers, so they can feel like they are sitting there reading a book with you.

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