Sunday, October 11, 2009

Squidoo - The Idea Girl - Idea Girl Consulting - Linda Michelle Randall

The next set of lenses that I'd like to introduce, would be the ones associated with my business client referral program, my online user id (the idea girl) and my name.

I also share a section of experiences while working on developing Idea Girl Consulting and being a food and customer service critic.

My Identity
Idea Girl Consulting
Linda Michelle Randall
The Idea Girl 
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Idea Girl Consulting Client Referral Program
Business ideas for kids
Chisholm's lawns
Herbal Life
Henriettes hairstyling
Irish Tea Room
La Moda Shoes

Climb the Squidoo Ladder
Customer Service
Make Me Laugh
PC Talk
Restaurant Service
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Writing Projects
The Calamity Girl

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