Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Mansion on the Hill – A letter from the Author

The Story and characters are completely fictional in “The Mansion on the Hill.” The names I chose were from a French Baby Name Book and I developed my characters as I saw them in my mind. These are not real people but it may seem real if you use your imagination, as I have.

You can Google some of the names for fun and they actually exist. So do the Places I picked. Please note that I wrote this story as pure fiction. I wasn’t’ aware until afterwards, that such a place really did exist!

I’m wondering if I’ve written from a past life experience or something? It was a fun experience nonetheless and it gave me the hope of becoming a great author.

I’ve tried to be as imaginative as JK Rowling. I’ve used historical facts, as Barbara Cartland did in her books and I’ve been as adventurous as Johanna Lindsay. I used to read all the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books so that’s where I got the Mystery ideas. I compare my works to theirs for they wrote stories about people and it touched our hearts and souls.

When I went to Shaw Festival in the summer of 2008, I had the pleasure of seeing “An Inspector Calls.” I was delighted to find out it had been written in the early 1900’s and that it referred to the theory of “Six Degrees of Separation.”

“The Mansion on the Hill”, also celebrates this theory as well. For as you read about several families and how they are all connected to one another through several generations, you will see a pattern. Everything we say and do to another causes the “domino” effect.

When the thought of “Karma” comes to mind, we assume the biblical passage of “What a Man sows, he reaps.”

You will get a chance to watch how the lives of these Fictional Characters change when you put them into different environments. You will see dramatic changes in their personality. In some cases the Character learns from the lesson in life, while others perish for they did not follow any “God” given instincts.

It’s a story about Good vs. Evil and how people have secrets and how those secrets can destroy their lives within a moment of being revealed.

The mystery and romance will tug at our emotions and make you think that you are there in the story as a bystander. One who listens and watches with interest but cannot speak. Hopefully you will learn something as you watch the characters evolve and learn truths about themselves and others surrounding them.

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