Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Idea Girl

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My Bio

My desire as a freelance writer was to become an author of novels and to write short stories and articles for various web sites. I’m also one of those people who are gifted with a million ideas and never did anything with them until now. I am starting my own business called Idea Girl Consulting. I will share ideas about home, work, business and marketing. I like to think in a futuristic sense in some cases I’ve thought of things that haven’t been developed yet but I have a vivid imagination and I like to use it. My stories will amuse you and entertain you for I can guarantee I have the gift of communication. I was born a Gemini so it’s in the stars for me to be a writer. This year I’ve also been working on Photographing various events and sites of interest.

This past summer I had a goal to explore most of the Bruce Trails found in the Niagara Peninsula. It was fun to go hiking almost everyday weather permitting. I wish I had my digital camera from the very beginning but I did catch some of the trips we took once I bought one. It was fun exploring the Blue Ghost Tunnel and I’ve got pictures of what people say are energies and orbs from the other side. I will be writing about the various things that interest me in a hobby kind of way. I’m also looking to developing the skills to become a great writer!

I even took the time to read all of J.K Rowlings Harry Potter books this summer. I love her imagination it’s fun and amazing. I’ve since been concentrating on the stories and novels written by best selling authors. I’m studying each book to see what type of material is considered popular these days.


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