Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writing Tunes Idea Girl Consulting You Tube

I find it much easier to concentrate now while I write articles and review my novel online. Between the guy who lives upstairs (thumper) and the girl who lives in the front (pots/pans melodies), I couldn't get much done without the desire to bang on the walls and yell "shut up!"

I found the perfect remedy. Listen to Meditation Music from You tube ( with a small headset on. I try to pick stuff that won't make me sleepy. I listen to healing meditations (hope it trains my body to heal itself) and songs to expand the mind, brain waves to open up parts of the mind that I don't normally use at different times of the day. Today I made a good morning meditation play list. One that has light hearted music and energizes you when you listen to it. It helps to do some concentration meditations as well before proofreading or editing a novel.

I find when reading constantly, my eyes tend to go blurry and I get very tired from it. I usually take several cat naps during the day, I tend to be awake at night. I write in the early morning hours because there is less distractions (other than the snoring from all 3 parties ) and I can think without being interrupted by my boyfriend who always likes to ask a 100 questions about what I'm doing, but then wanders away when I go into an explanation. I can't figure out why he does that. I have threatened to glue his shoes to the floor. :)

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