Sunday, May 20, 2012

Michael Walden is having a BAD Day - Keeper of the Keys

Director Scott Cervine plays Michael Walden in the Keeper of the Keys.

Indie Fest Award Winner 2012


Screenplay Robin Jay
Directed by Scott Cervine
Director of Photography David A Fisher

Scott Cervine, Robin Jay, Derek Mills, Hueina Su, Tom Stone, Steve Olsher, Lisa Ryan, Max Bolka, Carolyn Finch, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Marci Shimoff. Lindsey Lauer,Kathleen Hayden, Molly Lord, Raven Magwood, Regina Murphy, Jennifer Sabin, Laura Vobornik, Ken Wallace, Judy Helm Wright

Linda Randall
IGC Entertainment Canada

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"This film will change your life - career, relationships, goal setting ideas"

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