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The Indie Fest Award Winner 2012 - The Keeper of the Keys Feature Documentary Robin Jay Scott Cervine

The Indie Fest Award Winner 2012 - The Keeper of the Keys Film Documentary Robin Jay Scott Cervine

Michael Walden is having one bad day after another...and there is no end in sight. After losing his job and finding his house in foreclosure, he becomes increasingly negative and frustrated. It doesn't help that his fiancee Anne, tired of his rants, breaks off their engagement.

Depressed and discouraged, he falls asleep...and dreams.

Success Coach Jack Canfield appears and tells Michael he is sending some friends - experts - who will help him to discover the keys and how to use them. Join Michael and his mysterious guide Elizabeth as they encounter a diverse group of experts eager to enlighten him.

Not since "A Christmas Carol" has a dream been this rich, this revealing, or this much fun.

Quotes from DVD Jacket.

Screenplay Robin Jay
Directed by Scott Cervine
Director of Photography David A Fisher

Scott Cervine, Robin Jay, Derek Mills, Hueina Su, Tom Stone, Steve Olsher, Lisa Ryan, Max Bolka, Carolyn Finch, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Marci Shimoff. Lindsey Lauer,Kathleen Hayden, Molly Lord, Raven Magwood, Regina Murphy, Jennifer Sabin, Laura Vobornik, Ken Wallace, Judy Helm Wright

Stephen Simon, Co-founder, The Spiritual Cinema Circle; Producer, Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come; Producer/Director, Conversations with God, Indigo.

Quote -" When you see this movie, you will learn, laugh and clap your hands with joy!"

Movies from the Heart.

Linda Randall Movie Review.

Several people from the brain injury association here in St Catharines are currently doing this film as a weekly viewing chapter by chapter.  They are loving it.

This film will change your life, especially if your suffering from the maladies of downsizing from a company or career change syndrome.  The lessons you will learn will not only enrich your relationships in the home but also in your work environments.

Finding out who you are is the key...

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