Saturday, December 18, 2010

Writing Christmas Stories with Daisy the Toy Poodle - Linda Randall

Linda Randall and Daisy

I was thinking since I'm writing Christmas Stories this month, I should take some more photos of Daisy with her new outfits that I've been finding at the store.

Lisa has some really adorable ones, and coats for a very reasonable price.

There's a little pink flannel outfit with little black paws on it for about $10.

See that little dog on the floor? He was yapping his head off at Daisy and making her shake like a leaf. This is the before picture of her.  Lisa is holding her up for us to take a photo.

I spotted it today when Daisy went to get her hair done.

I'll have to go back and get it, I was short on cash.

After paying $18 bucks for Harry's hair cut at the Den (yep I made a video on my camera, still have to edit it and post that one too) and $35 for Daisy's doo I was scraping the bottom the cash barrel.

then Harry wanted to have Pete's Pizza.

I had $10 bucks so I said if he could find a coupon for a pizza he could get one.
He found one on top of the fridge (DAM)  and so bye bye $10 LOL

Hello Yummy Pizza..
Should have taken a photo.

It was $10.49 with three items from Pete's Pizza
he ordered it with pepperoni, pineapple and extra cheese.

12 slice too, it pays to look in those VALPACK coupon envelopes. 

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